When asked why the letter L … “This is obviously the initial of my name, but not only. It is also, by chance alone, that of the family names of all my grandparents. It is a letter written in my first name and marked by femininity. It is also a novel by Romain Gary, Lady L., a song by Babx – a longtime companion – and much more … “. Way to say that he can hide it, things, and that it can be traced, stories behind a simple initial. And it is not surprising, then, to see a universe flourish under the title of Initial, his first album. A twilight-colored universe, full of the visions and chimeras of its author-composer, in which are mingled the persistent mirages of the real and the floating truths of the unreal.

After having forged her voice in a polyphonic group performing songs of the world, Raphaële Lannadère took her first solo steps in the early 2000s, taking over venerable classics (Piaf, Ferré, Brel, Barbara …) and drinking Words with fervor, as one drinks strong alcohols to give oneself the taste of vertigo. Later, she embarks alongside the Brazilian Ricardo Tete or alongside Teofilo Chantre (singer, but also songwriter for Césaria Evora), with which she explores the beauties of the Portuguese song. Then it is at the source of its own texts and compositions that it takes pleasure to get drunk, swirling under the light of the scenes of Paris and elsewhere, where its vibrant and delicate presence leaves its first traces. In 2008, a six-track EP, First letters, makes its way to the airwaves (Fip, France Inter, Europe 1 etc.). Thanks in particular to Petite, hook-and-song song that is found today revisited in Initiale, the young lady in the ear of prestigious elders, Brigitte Fontaine and M in mind.
Over these years of training, who have taught him the virtues of patience, L carries a glance full of gratitude.

“In hindsight, I can see how lucky it was to have been waiting for me, including the time to plant myself, for example, in a very theatrical direction, close to the cabaret, which amused me … but I could not have thought enough about the essence of the songs. ” This momentum towards the essentials led her to Initiale. And not the kind to play the diva draped in some lonely loneliness, she wanted to take this path with her “family of heart and music.” That could not be otherwise.

Thus, in the credits of the record are her favorite stage partners – pianist Donia Berriri, cellist Julien Lefèvre – talented director David Babin – better known as BabX – and all her musicians. Tracing the nuance or detail that transforms an instrumental part, a sound texture or a rhythmic pattern into aesthetic vertigo, he was the only one able to give Initiale this nocturnal patina, between black velvet and stellar clarity, which confers it A captivating unity of tone and breath. “With BabX, We wanted as a preliminary that the disc is more than a simple collection of songs. Much thought has been given to atmospheres, scenes and places, to the temperatures and seasons he summoned.

In the more intimate titles, we wanted to create the impression of being in a room, that we could feel if the walls were wood or stone … On each song, things were drawn like that, and often appealed Traveling, wandering, walking in the streets and night … BabX has this extraordinary ability to script music. Those who possess this gift are very few. ”
Created by” every musician, every instrument, every sound “, The magic of Initiale rests in effect on an alchemy that is as much a matter of musical sorcery as of cinematographic magic. Enlightened with a science of light and shade worthy of the greatest op, keyboard, guitar, string, rhythmic and electron spectrum chefs create better than decors: they invent a world with its open perspectives and its secret recesses, reliefs and Its depths, its “sepia dawns” and its moments stolen to the brunette, its echoes, its reflections and its phantoms. A world in which the voice and songs of L slip, float, and settle with the grace and elegance of night birds.

The singer tells that between 15 and 22 years, she took the full whip of the poetic escapes of Bataille, Artaud, Michaux or Genet … The free word that runs throughout Initiale proves that she has made good use of the lessons lavished by these masters in escape.

“It is the text always coming first, it is he who evokes the musical color of a song: I sit down on the piano and I seek, how to say the words, how I want the Then I play with samples, riffs, bass lines … I have not studied music, my approach to instruments is intuitive, not conventional, but I need to get to the end of my ideas. Some songs of Initial are very faithful to my original arrangements (Mescaline, Petite …). Others have been completely stripped, reduced to their simplest expression, before putting on the arrangements of Babx.

One hears her dreaming aloud in her room (I smoke, Mescaline), embedded in the opiate vapors of the sentiment of love, drift in the evening fell in the heart of the cities (Chateau Rouge, Romance and Série Noire …) Abandoning body and soul to the arms of a waltz in a habit of nostalgia (Les Corbeaux), a habanera gentle-bitter (My lips) or a rhythmic melody (Jalouse) … And if it happens to collide brutally To the reality (Petite, evocation of an undocumented expelled), it is to better then trace of stinging lines of flight to the territories without limits of the imaginary (Initial, Pareil).

In this harmonious succession of climates and situations, L remains this singer of an intense lightness, Preferring to envisage the existence by the prism of the invention only through down-to-earth life. “I started to write with pleasure, when I realized that I could detach myself from myself. Narrating by the menu my little hassles or my races at Ikea, it is the reverse of what touches me, In music, literature or cinema, and then I had to rid my song of all its tics and manias.I have felt for a year or two that I found a unity in my voice and my Expression, whatever the tessitura, intensity or dynamics of the songs.When singing, one can only be attracted by this supreme form of accuracy and purity reached by people like Billie Holiday, Thom Yorke , Björk or Lhasa … “.

Today it is her voice that hits us. Initial calls us and catches us. The whole is entered, as one melts into the enveloping vapors of the evening. As one loses oneself with delight in the melancholy of hours of drunkenness and misguidance.

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